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The official dealer of Masiero Factory in Russia

Masiero is the definition of sophisticated, luxurious Italian lighting design. They combine modern luxury and artistic beauty with lighting sculptures worthy of the best museums, but made for a modern home or business. Specializing in pendants and chandeliers, each product is hand-made using traditional craft techniques.

How did the lighting come from?

Masciero’s lighting began on the streets of Murano, Italy. Since 1982, the factory has been striving to bring charm and awe into the world of lighting, using advanced design and technology. We grew up to work with the best designers from around the world, to create our own unique masterpieces that embody modern Italian luxury. To this day, the company continues its mission to merge the beauty of nature and art with the elegance and charm of modern Italian lighting. Masiero is known worldwide for its charming handmade Italian pendants and chandeliers. We also offer charming floor lamps, ceiling lights and table lamps that embody a sense of modern luxury.

What do we offer our customers?

Each of their designs by the elite Italian chandeliers of Maciero is truly eye-catching and fascinating. The fascinating design of the collections was inspired by the smooth grace and playful whim of the light. There are no two identical chandeliers, because they are hand-made by experienced Italian craftsmen. Each piece of lighting fixtures consists of pendants, chandeliers and wall lights, as well as long strands of shiny nickel chains, handmade in Italian. Hand-forged chains drape a lamp like a cascading waterfall.

Why are Masiero the best?

Masiero is an Italian company that has managed to establish itself in the world market thanks to the use of noble materials, unique elegant design, and the sale of only high-quality products.

  1. Italian manufacturer of handmade lamps. A Mesero-Italian company specializing in handmade lighting, meeting the numerous and specific requirements of decorative and non-standard lighting and offering the best solutions for professionals around the world.
  2. Well-established work of specialists. The company operates autonomously due to its technical department and domestic production. Mashiero can develop and follow clear projects, offering high standard solutions at a technical, functional and aesthetic level. The advanced know-how, a valuable resource of the company, allowed us to perform complex work in the field of custom tasks for lighting projects that require specific and unique solutions.
  3. Quality above all. Each stage of production is checked in accordance with the mission of the company: lighting excellence and customer satisfaction. Our team works with precision to achieve a high level of quality from the very beginning – project development. The sales and technical departments coordinate production, workshop, assembly and packaging in accordance with the project management. Quality control allows you to control the materials, parts, finish, compliance, safety and functionality of each product during production.
  4. World recognition. We managed to gain market recognition as the selected manufacturer of handmade lighting products in collaboration with important brands of interior design and decoration, as well as to participate in deliveries in prestigious international projects.
  5. Aesthetics. Our products combine lighting and art, so they are ideal for both home and business projects. The collections are inspired by the natural world to capture the beauty of everyday elements, from calm water to the strength of metal. Just as an artist would play with light and shadow, Masiero chandeliers use all the elements of lighting to form a visionary design. Our modern fixtures are unique because they are thought out to the smallest detail. Not a single trifle will go unnoticed thanks to craftsmanship and traditional technologies in the production of glass and metal. Masiero’s work includes a wide range of premium materials, including: polished bronze, brass, gold, chrome, printed copper, wrought iron, woven leather, Murano glass and Swarovski crystals.

Our goals are projects and supplies for country houses / cottages, ultra-modern apartments, hotels, restaurants, public buildings. Our strength is the development of non-standard projects that can bring comfort and coziness to any room.

Finding inspiration and ideas on how to light your home is half the fun of choosing lighting options. One of the most important attributes of choice is aesthetic appeal, as well as optimal functioning from modern day areas to lighting the bathroom and bedroom. If you are looking for an original or sophisticated, modern or classic, polished or stately lighting fixture, the official Masiero website is exactly what you need.